Mental Health Treatment Services for Adults




    Weber Human Services is currently able to provide mental health services for Adult individuals who are eligible for Medicaid, who reside in Weber and Morgan Counties. Weber Human Services also provides Crisis/Emergency services for all residents of Weber and Morgan Counties.  As funding allows, services are provided to individuals who are civilly committed. (801) 625-3700 - Daytime Number and

1-800-273-8255 - 24 Hour Crisis


     A sliding fee scale, based on income and household size, will be used to determine co-pays for services when applicable.

The following mental health services are available through Weber Human Services, depending on an individual's need and funding requirements or restrictions:


Outpatient Services

     Adult mental health and substance abuse outpatient services are offered to individuals, families and groups. Outpatient services include individual and group behavior management, individual and group therapy, and medication management.


Residential and Residential Support Services

     WHS manages a Men's and Women's combined Residential facility for sixteen Seriously and Persistently Mentally Ill SPMI clients (9 male and 7 female) and one (1) placement bed available for a client in transitional or hospital diversion/ crisis situations. WHS also coordinates housing placements in various privately held rental units, such as Ogden Housing Authority, St. Benedicts Manor, Three Links Tower, Bramwell Court and Adams Place. WHS has a very close working relationship with Problems Anonymous Action Group (PAAG) which has many housing resources as well. A vast majority of the PAAG housing available is utilized by current or past WHS clients.


Mental Health Inpatient Treatment Services

     Inpatient services are offered to adults experiencing an acute need for psychological and/or psychiatric services. A multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment team will assist the client in identifying and alleviating acute symptoms.


Skills Development Services

     Adult Skills Development Services (ASD) are rehabilitative services provided to an individual or group in an outpatient setting, day treatment program, residential program or other appropriate setting. These services assist individuals in developing competence in basic living skills such as meal planning, shopping, food preparation, money management, mobility, grooming, personal hygiene and maintenance of a living environment.


Targeted Case Management

     Case management assists eligible clients not only in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational and other services, but also ensures coordination between all agencies and providers involved in a client's treatment.


Medication Management Services

     These services are provided to individuals whose psychiatric needs include prescribing, administering, monitoring, or reviewing medication and/or medication regime.


Emergency Services

     Agency hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Walk-ins after that can call 625-3700 24-hours a day. In the event of a medical emergency, clients are encouraged to go directly to McKay-Dee Emergency Department. Licensed professionals provide 24-hour emergency services with consultation available from a psychiatrist. Emergency services can be obtained by calling (801) 625-3700 - Daytime Number and 1-800-273-8255 - 24 Hour Crisis Line). Weber Human Services and McKay Dee Hospital determine conjointly the need for psychiatric hospitalization.