Programs Offered

Matrix Model is an intensive individual and group treatment approach that focuses on relapse-prevention, education, and social supports to reduce substance mis-use, particularly meth-amphetamine dependence. The intensive outpatient portion of the Matrix program lasts approximately 16 weeks. Ongoing support, including family support, is also a part of the program. Research-based outcomes include higher treatment completion rates, and significant reductions in drug use.


Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) is a behavioral treatment designed to reduce drug and alcohol use, and involvement with the criminal justice system. In group and individual counseling settings individuals work on thought processes and behaviors that sustain drug and alcohol use and involvement in other illegal activities. Research-based outcomes include lower drug and alcohol use among participants and lower rates of return to criminal behavior.


Seeking Safety is a group counseling intervention designed for individuals with histories of substance abuse and trauma. It focuses on helping individuals use effective coping skills in order to remain safe in relationships, and decrease symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress and substance abuse. Outcomes include significant reductions in drug and alcohol use, trauma-related symptoms, and other forms of mental illness such as depression.

Adult Substance Abuse


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