Midtown Center and Wellness Clinic



Weber Human Services partners with Midtown Community Health Center to provide whole health care for you and your family. You could benefit from the primary care services of the Weber Midtown Wellness Clinic if you are currently receiving Behavioral Health Services form Weber Human Services or Midtown Community Health Center. The Wellness Clinic is designed to serve persons with behavioral health issues by giving them the access to medical care. The Wellness Clinic is also opened to serve your immediate family members as well. You will have one stop health care which includes a lab and pharmacy all in one location. This will help to provide a smooth flow between you and your mental health and physical health care team.

The Wellness Clinic accepts Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP, PCN and most other major health insurance plans. A sliding fee scale is available for individuals who do not have health insurance. The sliding scale fee is determined by your family size and household income.

For more information please call (801) 625-3700 - Daytime Number and
1-800-273-8255 - 24 Hour Crisis


237 26th Street

Ogden, UT 84401

PHONE: (801) 625-3700

(Daytime Number)

24hr Crisis: 1-800-273-8255

Senior/Aging Services: 801-625-3770
Northern Utah Autism Program: 801-737-7375
WHS Billing Office: 801-625-3609
WHS Records Office: 801-625-3831

WHS Records Fax: 801-778-6803
UA Lab: 801-778-6820

Information on this website is available in paper form for free. Please call 801-625-3700 to request a paper copy.  We will get that in the mail to you within 5 days.