Substance Use Treatment Services for Youth



Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Specialized Family Services Team to effectively decrease adolescent substance abuse, reduce problem behaviors exhibited by teens, and enhance the general stability of the family by engaging and empowering families in high quality, cost-effective services.



  • Weber/Morgan County residents.

  • Clients may be referred from court systems, DJJS, DCFS, schools or may be voluntarily self-referred.


  • Medicaid will pay for treatment services; UAs are not covered.

  • Fees for non-Medicaid clients based on income, household size, and specialty program requirements.

Services Provided:

Well qualified counselors provide outpatient and intensive substance abuse counseling for adolescents and their families. When appropriate, these services are connected with juvenile court programs such as Probation State Supervision and the Juvenile Drug Court.

  1. Family counseling is most often provided directly in the home of the adolescent client.

  2. Group counseling services that have been shown to reduce substance abusing behavior are also available.

  3. These services are supplemented by access to quality psychiatric care, academic and vocational assistance, parent training interventions, and ongoing drug testing.

  4. Coordination of care with other community agencies is also provided as necessary.

Costs: Weber Human Services is a provider for many insurance companies. For individuals and families without insurance, a sliding-fee scale is available that is based on income and other factors such as number of people living in the home.