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Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Youth

Services for Children and Youth Substance Use Disorder Problems


Weber Human Services is committed to providing research-based treatments to clients served.  Each of the treatments listed below have been thoroughly tested in multiple research settings and been shown to improve the mental health and/or substance use symptoms and problems for which they were developed. 

Adolescent Substance Abuse

Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (A-CRA)

What is A-CRA? A behavioral intervention that aims to replace drug and alcohol use with behaviors and strategies that promote a clean and healthy lifestyle. It has been shown to reduce teen substance use and dependence, and improve life satisfaction. 

Who benefits from A-CRA? Youth ages 12 – 18 who are abusing or dependent on alcohol and other drugs. 

How is A-CRA delivered? In individual and family therapy sessions. 

How often and how long should I participate in A-CRA? To benefit from this treatment, participants need to attend weekly individual and family therapy for 16 weeks.

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